Friday, December 19, 2008

"Only Living People Bleed"

Story told in Ravi Zacharias' speech 'Why I'm not an Atheist'

A fellow woke up one morning and said to his wife, “I believe I’m dead.” And his wife said you know that’s a strange sense of humor. It’s alright, just go on to work and bring home the paycheck type of thing and sent him on his merry way. But this impression in his mind linger for far to many hours. Every evening he’d come back and munching on his goodies in his lazy boy, would say “You know I really think I’m dead.” Finally his wife and his children decided he needed some help. If he didn’t get help, they would need some help. So they send him along to a team of doctors and psychologist all of whom were trying to help him without success. Till one doctor latched on to this idea, to try to establish for him imperially that only living people bleed. He was trying to deny that. They brought all things of evidence overhead projects, charts, and all the data on hand. Only living people bleed, only living people bleed. Finally this man after all the evidence was weighted in said “Alright I guess I’m going to have to admit to you that only living people bleed.” As soon as he said that one of the doctors took a pin and plunged it in to his veins and the blood came spurting out. He looked at it and said “Great scott, I guess dead people bleed too!”

Listen to the whole speech free on itunes podcast: Let My People Think (RZIM)

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