Friday, March 27, 2009

Czech Easter Traditions

This is going to be highlights because there are many:

1. Kraslice- hand painted Easter eggs

2. Pomlázka- Willow branches branded together. The boys chase the girls and hit them on the back of the legs on Red Monday (the Monday after Easter). This is suppose to bring health and youth. In return, the girls give them sweets and painted eggs (sometimes shots of alcohol). Also, boys can throw cold water on girls or even throw them in the river. I am wearing pants this day!

3. Names of the days: Ugly Wednesday, Green Thursday: the long green robes worn in church and the spinach and cabbage traditionally eaten on the day; Great Friday: No church bells ring, which are said to have “flown away to Rome" (no music is played either); White Saturday: day when new members are baptized in the catholic church; and Red Monday.

4. Food: Bread in the shape of a Lamb, Mazanec, and Babovka.

Happy Easter! - Veselé Velikonoce!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This is from the last page of G.K. Chesterton's book "Orthodoxy", a man who's writings help C.S. Lewis find God. I heard this in one of Ravi Z's speeches; it was so wonderful. I really want to read the book in it's entirety now.

"Why do we never read in the Scriptures Jesus laughed? We hear of Him weeping. We hear of Him upset. We hear of Him rebuking people. I wish somewhere it were written Jesus laughed. Certainly there must be some sense of joy and mirth in God Himself. [...]
Joy which was the small publicity of the pagan, is the gigantic secret of the Christian. As I close this chaotic volume, I open again the strange small book from which all Christianity came. And I am again haunted by a kind of confirmation, this tremendous figure which fills the Gospels, towers in this respect as in any other above all the thinkers who ever thought themselves tall. His pathos was natural, almost causal. The Stoics, ancient and modern, were proud of concealing their tears. He never concealed his tears; He showed them plainly on his open face at any daily sight, such as the far sight of His native city. Yet He concealed something. Solemn supermen and imperial diplomatists are proud of restraining their anger. He never restrained his anger. He flung furniture down the front steps of the Temple, and asked men how they expected to escape the damnation of Hell. Yet He restrained something. I say it with reverence; there was in that shattering personality a thread that must be called shyness. There was something that he hid from all men when he went up a mountain to pray. There was something that he covered constantly by abrupt silence or impetuous isolation. There was one thing that was to0 great for God to show us when He walked upon our earth; and I have sometimes faniced that is was God's mirth."

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Adidas = all day i dream about stupid

Adidas has gone stupid. They have just released a new line of hats called ' MARX A-FLEX' (above is the Russia verison) with a caption that reads:

"Show your love for the former USSR during training time in this adidas Marx A-Flex Russia cap, featuring a six-panel low-crown fit, deep pre-curved brim, an Always Cool™ sweatband to wick away the moisture, and a hammer-and-sickle graphic."

(left is the cuba verison; right the China version) That's not all it wicks away. Show your love? Your love of what oppression? Since when have symbols of oppression and socialism been 'cool'? Maybe it's because I currently live in CZ, where stories are pasted over Sunday lunches about the fears and pain of the USSR. You can still see the look in there eyes about the flash backs they are having in there minds. About spies in church about language changes in schools, about being watched. Is this part of a desensitizing of our nation, in order to move forward with a hidden agenda?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Really Updated Wish List

JIF Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter Flavor things: Nutterbutter Cookies, PB cookies mix, PB candy
Bag of Chocolate Chips
Real Liquid Vanilla
Jiffy Corn Bread Mix
American Cheese Flavor: Cheese-its, Chips, Crackers
Salsa (medium)Anything Spicy or Mexican Flavored
Root Beer
Cream Soda
Big Red (the drink)
Dr. Pepper
Rice Krispy Treats and/or just a bag of Rice Krispies
Big Marshmallows
Hot Chocolate Mix
Muffin Mix: Blueberry, Lemon Poppyseed, Banana Nut, Mix Berry
Starbucks Coffee Or GIFT CARDS!
Prince of Wales Twinnings Tea
TAZO Awake Tea
Brownie Mix
Itunes Gift Cards (to rent english movies)
Harry & David Pineapple Salsa
Red Pepper Flakes- like on pizza
Lemon Pepper

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Home Sweet Church

I was thinking today how we also ask if 'they have a church home?'. What an interesting choice of words. I wonder how often do people step through those church front doors and get that same feeling. As when one works a long hard day and they finally walking in the front door. I wonder if there is that sigh of relief, that release of stress, that thought of I made it through the day. The feeling of comfort and welcome-ness. I wonder if we long for the people inside. If walking out the door is something we do because we must, because we have responsibilities, but we would rather just stay home. I wonder if we even get those I just wanna stay home feelings. I wonder if its a place we look forward to going for the holidays. I wonder if its a place we know we can always turn to, a place that will help you in your time of need. If we feel free to release it all. All the tears and hurt, all the fears and pain. I wonder if that pew feels like a couch; a seat you think about through the day. Can you take your shoes off at the door? Do people know you by name? Do they share their life, their love, their coffee? I wonder...

I guess I have been blessed in a rather unusual way. I have gone to the same church my whole life. And for a time, I spent more time there then at my actual house. I did take my shoes off at the door. In fact I still do, after service don't be surprised to see me running around in my bare feet. I had a place for my lunch box and a coloring book in the desk. I know that whole place like the back of my hand. I was babysat by the whole youth group for a while almost every Sunday night. I remember what color the walls or even doors used to be. I remember the "old" building. I was baptized there. I was confirmed there. I took my first communion there. My parents were married there. I became a DCE there. My sister funeral was there. I became a missionary there. My church is my home. I find myself missing those seafoam green pews I used as a jungle gym. I miss sharing the peace with Mrs. Bailey. I miss getting smacked in the leg for shaking the whole pew. I miss all the old ladies say "I remember when you were this big." I miss dad smiling at me as he walks out after service. I miss skipping Sunday school with Nicki and going to our spot in the woods. I miss all those folders full of notes we hung from the ceiling. I miss Sunday night youth group with '60s furniture. I miss funny ceiling tiles and hilarious volleyball. I miss lent and advent potlucks. I would walk through every part of my life within it's walls. But most of all I miss walking through those doors feeling like I am home. I made it through the week. Here, I can be real, I can be me. Here I am home.