Sunday, December 7, 2008

Locked In??

Every week the time of church changes. I have no idea why. Well, last week it was at 8am. I knew today was later but I couldn't remember if it 9am or 10am (I was pretty sure it was 10). So at almost 9 I get in the shower. Well, I had music playing, but then I heard bells. I was like oh, no church is starting! So I raced to get dressed and ran down stairs. Well, to save time I decided to see if the front door was open. One thing you must know is that there is a door you go in to get to the call box then a door someone must buzz you through. Well from the inside all you do is hit this little button and the door buzzes open. Well, NORMALLY if the outside door is locked the inside door will not open. However, this was not the case this morning. By the time I figured this out and turned around to catch the other door, it had closed. So I was stuck in this glass box for about a half hour. Oh, and by the way church didn't start till 10. Finally a man came by and I hit the windows. Seeing my problem, the man ran to the back door (lucky he had keys) and buzzed me out of the box. Goodness. What a way to start your day.


  1. Hi Hudba. I found your site in a random (or not) way....was following a Google Alert on Ravi. I'm fascinated with your experience, and really want to encourage you. What an amazing adventure! Though it may feel lonely at times, I sense you are exactly where God wants you to be