Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Prayers

It’s so wonderful how God answers unspoken prayers. The day after I wrote my ‘sad Christmas’ note, the prayers of my heart were answered. I guess I never prayed them b/c I should have been just content with Christ birth to make me happy and not need anything else. I guess I just felt guilty for not being content in Christ. Well, Jola, the wonderful girl I work with, invited me over for lunch on Sunday. She was showing me her house where her family (great grandma, grandparents, parents, and her) live. She lives on a farm with bunnies! One just had babies, so I think when I get back from holiday they will be big enough to hold!!! I wonder what the pet policy is here. Anyways, She was like I have a surprise for you and came out with a basket full of Christmas tree branches that had been arranged (Jola does a wonderful job of flower arrangements). We then her dad came in and was like I found it. They unwrapped this plastic bag to reveal a small Christmas tree. Jola was like since you didn’t have one you can use ours. Then she brought in three boxes of ornaments with hooks (complete with tree topper), garland, and tinsel. She also had a traditional Czech Christmas, I guess, it’s a wreath. We also went out and cut cherry twigs. At the end of the day, her and her mom wrapped up a big box of Christmas cookies for me. God is so good to me. So I just decorated my tree while listening to Christmas music and eating cookies.
Tomorrow, pastor is taking me and the other Ashley out to lunch. Then on Thursday, Jola’s family has invited me over to help them braid the bread. It’s traditional Czech sweet bread that you braid the dough before you bake it. We will also be making traditional Czech cookies. I have a Christmas party with my English class on Monday. We are having a ‘White Elephant Gift Exchange’!! I’m going to bring a bible. I’m having a surprise Christmas party for my class tomorrow. Daniel’s family has invited me over for Christmas Eve, which is like our Christmas day. You have a huge meal and open gifts. Yes, I’m going to eat Christmas carp.

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  1. Hi,

    This is the last time I am attempting to reach you - I am sorry but I am beginning to feel a little weird here.
    As I said before, I would love to talk to you about your stay in Czech. You can leave me a comment on my blog ( and we can contact each other that way.
    I am happy you are feeling a little better!