Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mini Storytime with Ashley

Mini Story #1: Army Run
So in keeping with my April diet plan I go running everyday. Well I don't like running on hard surfaces, so go to Poland where there are great trails. Well, on this morning I ran a little later b/c it was Friday and I could sleep in. Well, I came running down this trail the same time a ranger/army "class" was coming down. All decked out in green uniforms and patches. Well, some of the guys in the class thought it was funny and decided to mock me running. I need to think of a good response for next time. Any ideas?

Mini Story #2: Ditch Lovin'
There is a American team here called "Watermark." Terri and I decide to visit them, which is a good 20 min walk. The roads here are really small, I mean really small. It was late at night and we brought a long a little flashlight. Well, this car was coming super fast with its brights on and it was hard to see. Being a good friend I got over so Terri could get over, well next thing I knew I was falling and my legs hit something hard. Terri was like what are you doing; she thought I was playing. I mean doesn't everyone like to play in water ditches at 9pm at night in Poland. The phrase "deer in the headlights" takes on a whole new meaning.

Mini Story #3: Walk to No Where
So, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to walk to Terri's house. They said if you take the bike trail its only 40mins. It was beautiful spring day so why not. Well, the map I had wasn't the best (ie really small and no street names), but I figured I could do it. So I packed all my things and headed out at 12:45ish. Well, I thought I was doing pretty good until I had to leave the road and take a trail. Well, the trail on the map was pink. The trails on the sign were Green and Red. I thought ok maybe this is it. So I asked two polish ppl and they said yep! (in polish though). Well I walked up this huge hill and asked 3 more ppl and all said, Yep or tak! So then I get to a fork in the road and was like oh no! So I asked this little old man and he said go left and a lot of other polish. Well, I didn't trust him and I asked this lady and she said the same thing. So I walk down looking for this big red light. Finally I came to it! Well, then I noticed a little pizza place on a street that look all to familiar, it was steph's house! I had walked in one big HUGE HOT circle. Czech Maps and I are NOT friends.

Mini Story #4: Name Change
In CZ are "wal-mart" is called Tesco. Well steph and I went to Tesco shopping. I go there every week almost for the past 5 months. Well, I was going to check out and handed the lady my CC. I signed the lil slip and thought all is good. Well, then she got all mad at me pointed to the card and the slip. So, I have problems with my card b/c it says "See Photo ID". Well, normally I just show my drivers licence and that is that. But this lady would not have it. So she printed another slip, I signed my name as "See Photo ID" b/c they have to match!! Goodness.

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