Friday, March 27, 2009

Czech Easter Traditions

This is going to be highlights because there are many:

1. Kraslice- hand painted Easter eggs

2. Pomlázka- Willow branches branded together. The boys chase the girls and hit them on the back of the legs on Red Monday (the Monday after Easter). This is suppose to bring health and youth. In return, the girls give them sweets and painted eggs (sometimes shots of alcohol). Also, boys can throw cold water on girls or even throw them in the river. I am wearing pants this day!

3. Names of the days: Ugly Wednesday, Green Thursday: the long green robes worn in church and the spinach and cabbage traditionally eaten on the day; Great Friday: No church bells ring, which are said to have “flown away to Rome" (no music is played either); White Saturday: day when new members are baptized in the catholic church; and Red Monday.

4. Food: Bread in the shape of a Lamb, Mazanec, and Babovka.

Happy Easter! - Veselé Velikonoce!

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