Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Adidas = all day i dream about stupid

Adidas has gone stupid. They have just released a new line of hats called ' MARX A-FLEX' (above is the Russia verison) with a caption that reads:

"Show your love for the former USSR during training time in this adidas Marx A-Flex Russia cap, featuring a six-panel low-crown fit, deep pre-curved brim, an Always Cool™ sweatband to wick away the moisture, and a hammer-and-sickle graphic."

(left is the cuba verison; right the China version) That's not all it wicks away. Show your love? Your love of what oppression? Since when have symbols of oppression and socialism been 'cool'? Maybe it's because I currently live in CZ, where stories are pasted over Sunday lunches about the fears and pain of the USSR. You can still see the look in there eyes about the flash backs they are having in there minds. About spies in church about language changes in schools, about being watched. Is this part of a desensitizing of our nation, in order to move forward with a hidden agenda?

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