Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sliding into happy moments

Well coming back from teaching today the snow was coming down pretty thick, as it has been for the past two weeks. Well, it was definitely getting the best of the bus I was riding. We got almost to the top of the hill and could go no further. So, the bus driver had no choice but to let us slide all the way back down. Well, you know me, I wasn't sitting calmly in my seat thinking what fun. No, I was praying Lord please don't let us crash and catch and fire. This thought definitely made me start looking for safety features and emergency exits. It's kinda like when you fly you really don't care about the safety instructions at the beginning of the flight until you hit some really bad turbulence. Well, just when I decided that I was going to have to throw the fire extinguisher throw the back window in case of a fire, due to the lack of any opening windows, we made it to the bottom safely. Well, we made it up the second time with a gunned engine and lots of prayer. Due to our little adventure, we missed my connecting bus by 3 minutes. I looked at the bus routes for a good 5 minutes, determining that the next bus did come for another 40 minutes. Well, I set out for the restaurant across the street hoping to find someone to prove me stupid at reading signs and that the bus was coming sooner, but to no avail. So, I sat down and waited. There were only three of us in this restaurant: me, the women on the bus with me, and a man with his dog. Trying to be true to my budget for the first time in a week, I said no to tea. Well, I must have looked pretty disheartened. The waitress came over with not only tea but chocolate cookies too! They were from the old man with the dog, who was already on his second beer. Afterwards, I said thanks and told him my name. I wanted to say God Bless, but I don't know the word for 'bless' and just saying 'God' I figured wasn't the best. God definitely gave me unexpected delights!

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