Thursday, February 12, 2009

Attack of the KILLER MOLD!!!

On Friday, Feb 6, 2009 the war began. I pulled out a shirt only to find little black dots on the top. As I proceeded to pull out the rest of my clothes, I was noticing more black dots. After all my clothes had been pulled out, what was revealed to be was a black wall of mold. I continued to pull out clothes with black mold behind them until got to the bottom rack. The mold wasn't behind them anymore! It killed two pairs of my shoes! Well, Terri was coming over for a B-day sleepover and mold was not invited to the party. So we moved it next store thankfully. After some heavy duty spray, the hero of this story, showed up on scene, the mold was killed. So we thought... We'll as luck would have it I came down with a head cold and there were guest arriving to stay in the room I was in. So, I move to Daniel's house for a couple of nights where I got to enjoy his mother-in-law WONDERFUL cooking! I was moved back here yesterday, and when I entered my room I could still smell mold. So I climbed the shelves only to find the 4 inch gap between the wall unit and ceiling covered in mold. Back into the guest bedroom I moved. So with some help from Jola, a ladder, and our trusty spray, we went to work. You can't breathe in the spray, get it on your skin or on your clothes. Once it's sprayed you have to wait a good 24 hours before you can go back in the room. And because of the nature of black mold I have to wash ALL my clothes and sheets. So, two pairs of shoes, one pair of pants, a pink spot on Jola's pants, dried out hands, and 5 days later, the mold is dead. I think....

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