Tuesday, February 24, 2009


As I sit here eating what is probably my eighth piece of chocolate today, in honor of fat Tuesday, with my feet tapping to the rhythm of Celtic violins, download inspired by my latest book, I can’t help but thank God for the delights of the day. There was nothing extraordinary about today’s happenings, no defining moment, not even a word to be remembered for years to come, or weeks for that matter. No it was simply, the ease and comfort to sit back and look at those things which where always there. Those things that most people, including me, just don’t have time to ponder or to enjoy. My day started out as it always does, with the disbelief that it was time to actually get out of bed. I did my morning workout, read the bible over a bowl of PB oatmeal, went through my prayer basket, and then decided it was time to exchange the sweatpants in for a jeans and a yellow polo. I don’t know if its b/c I love yellow or that my prayers were exceptionally good today, but I found with feelings complete satisfaction and delight as I found myself watching these little birds out my window. Opening my widow to these little birds, with bright yellow chests, and to a rush of cool air, one could not help but sense that spring was trying awaken. The bleakness of the gray sky was almost lost behind evergreens which dripped with melting snow and to church bells that rang in the afternoon. The annoyance of winter and spring battling over the day was soon lost in the wonder of the beautiful icicles it left behind. Its days like this I just wish I could curl up in a cabin somewhere far away from city streets and bustling people. With hot chocolate in hand and a blanket in reach, I would be delighted to be in the audience as God once again cues spring on to what Shakespeare referred to as ‘the stage’. The only thing would add to it would be a person to share the ‘awe’ with (cuz I like to snuggleJ).

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