Friday, January 27, 2012

Grandpa Suhre and the New Year

I been thinking about all the silly new year deals people make with themselves that they never really follow through on. Since, I'm silly enough to do it myself I've decided to make one. I love cooking although I don't think I'm the best, but I'm learning. I thought I'd cook through an entire cookbook this year as a way to learn new skills. As I was going through my books, I came to my grandfather's book that he had hand written. Since I never got to met him, I thought I'd get to know him through his cookbook. So this year, hopefully I will cook everything in his "breads and pastries" book. That is 71 recipes.... 52 weeks in a year, yeah you do the math. So hopefully by the end of this year there will be 71 blogs posted and if I'm crazy enough (which I am) I might post the other recipes I've tried too! So with out further ado... introducing Grandpa Suhre's Cookbook: Bread's and Pasties!

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