Friday, July 10, 2009

Schools Out for Summer....50 days left!

Well school ended here the last day of June. I taught my last class this week. It was sad. I'm going to miss all those people very much, even the crazy boys. In all my classes we had parties at the end and I brought some American food (either choc. chip cookies or browines). They played games to win butterfingers. We also had Dr. Pepper and Root Beer. They all like the Dr. P, but not the root beer so much. In fact someone told me it tasted like the smell of the toilet cleaner. LOL! All my classes gave me wonderful flowers! In one of my classes we even had a cook-out and played soccer! They will always be dear to my heart. Helpful they will all do their homework and write me postcards! : )

Well, this week had kinda been a down week for me. I spend a lot of time alone working on my computer doing research. Sadly, our English camp for this coming week was canceled. Hopeful my spirits will put up the week after as I go into full camp mode. I have X-camp, which is a huge youth gathering here. I will be leading an english group and sleeping in a tent all we! Pray for cooler weather!! Then I have soccer camp! Then I have a English camp with 7 Americans from VA!! I'll be sleeping in the basement with all the Czech Youth from my church. It should be hilarious! Then I have our church youth group retreat! Then I start packing to come home!

More exciting news I finally have an apartment that I can move into as of Aug. 1st!! :)

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