Friday, January 9, 2009

Dreaming of Heavenly Things...

I was writing birthdays on my calender. Allison's is next month and I paused, should I write it? I wanted to so bad. Should I ever stop writing it. When can I come to that date and be ok, when does this wound become a scar...

Dreaming of heavenly things, just wrapped in angels wings
To catch every tear, whisper ‘Jesus is here’
She with him every night, she’s engulfed in his light
There is no more pain, no more fright
She’s with Jesus tonight

Dreaming of heavenly things, of Jesus and mansion scenes
He holds me so tight, whispers ‘Everything is alright’
She’s with me tonight; she’s dancing, dancing in my light
There was no hurt, no more fear
For I was always near

Know I love you
I love you so much, I hold you so near
Know that she’ll always be forever, forever with me
One day, when the time is right, you’ll be here too
You can dance with her in my light and hear the angels all night
And see those heavenly things, that are found in your dreams

Dreaming of heavenly things, Jesus tell the angels ‘sing’
Such a beautiful sound, all I feel is love all round
You’re with me tonight; cast your pain in the light
Let me take your hurt and your fear
I’ll always be here, with my angels, here with my angels

Just listen to them sing… I love you, I’m always here.

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