Monday, November 24, 2008


Well I just spent a fly by night weekend in Vienna! It was crazy. My first time on a train! We caught the noonish train and arrived at the hostel around 8ish, I think. It was so so cold. We couldn't find the hostel called the Do Step Inn. But we finally did, then hit the town. We walked all over, even into a starbucks! Yes, I can feed my addiction even over here! Even the manikins looked european. I think on some of the window fronts would not be good for little American eyes. But over here it was a common, way to common. The buildings on the other hand were so beautiful you wanted to look at it all, but your body reminded you how cold it was and your feet how long it had been. So we woke up the next morning, went to some Christmas markets. You could have just ate the food the whole time and done nothing else and you still wouldn't have tried everything. The bake goods were soooooooo good! I feel like I ate like 10 a day. lol. I did try the mulled wine, not a fan. I finally found what I was looking for, a Christmas Pyrimad about Christ's birth. They had lots with deer. I mean deer, really? Not, even reindeer. Weird. And for a good price. It was 20 euro. I was really happy. I also got a hedgehog made of wood and pinecones it looks like. Hedgehogs are wild here. So I thought it was fitting. We saw so many building, fountains, stautes, arches, and churches I can even start to name them all. In fact I don't know the names of many of them. Sad, I know. Oh, and I did try Chestnuts roasting on a open fire! They were really good. More Pictures:

We went to Stephansdom. It was awesome. The church was so beautiful and huge! We went on the Catacombs tour. It was really really cool. They said no pictures, but I had to take atleast one, so I took two. We came out from the tombs in the square to lots of snow. It snowed the rest of the day. We hit up one more christmas market and a cafe, went to bed. The next day was much bettter, well the weather was. Church on the other hand. The sermon was like he read right out of Chicken Soup for the Chirstian Soul. He said the word "Jesus" 3 times! It touched a tear duct or two but to touch the heart it takes the word of God, which was missing. Thank goodness for the readings. We finished the day with some more churches and a christmas market. Then we raced to the train around 3pm. Making back to Cesky Tesin about 9pm. It was lots of fun! There was so much to do. I def want to go back. I have a list now of things I want to do (eg Stephansdom tower, the ferris wheel, both Palaces, the gardens, maybe a play or concert). Still more pictures:
Stay tuned for tomorrow! First train ride by myself to Praha for the day!

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