Monday, November 17, 2008

Czech Futbol

I had my first opportunity to play futbol (soccer) with some Czechs this weekend at our youth retreat. Women don't normally play futbol here. They were very nice and let me play as well as three other girls. Much to even my own surprise I scored 2 goals and had 3 shots off the post. They play on concrete cover in a green type cloth with sand on it. They use indoor soccer shoes. The sand makes for a some what slippery surface. Running on the hard surface compounded by the fact that I haven't played soccer in six months makes for some very sore muscles. Oh, and I also played four games of volleyball. I leave in a half hour to play some more futbol and volleyball. Thank goodness for Icy-Hot! Who needs a gym when you have youth outreach!

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  1. Huba, in Argentina estan we here needing soccer players, gustaria you to write down goals for our country? Greetings from Argentina